Since the end of 2014, Citi’s retail network in Greece was transferred to Alpha Bank, one of the country’s most esteemed banks. Our task was to ensure that the valuable brand franchise among the affluent segment would be also transferred to Alpha Bank.

In order to come with a compelling definition for the new brand, we studied the Alpha Bank and Citi brands and the "personal banking" sector, including important international brands and the relevant local and international trends.

We developed four key pillars that comprise the new brand proposition and various themes that build the customer’s experience with the brand. Accordingly we generated the brand identity system - name, brand language, logo and house style.

We applied the new identity system to the branches to develop the brand literature and several communication and promotional tools for the bank and its employees, while we developed a three dimensional extension of the brand in the form of branch interiors and windows to create a new Alpha Bank Gold environment that sources from the old Citi’s branches.

*We'd like to express our gratitude to the team of Tessera Architects for their valuable contribution in shaping Alpha Bank Gold branch interiors.

Alpha Bank Gold materials
Alpha Bank Gold materials