**Technology is growing exponentially. Humanity is left behind. With the exception of a small global percentage: The “Creators' 1%”. Not more than a few million people, in a world of 7+ billion, with a Creator mindset and abundance view of the world. **

What if we could unleash the full human potential of the rest 99% of Humanity? So that the 100% of Humanity are transformed from passive Consumers into active Creators? Believing in their own individual powers. Assisted by exponential technologies. What could this mean for the state of civilization, intelligence, wisdom and consciousness? in our planet and beyond our planet?

With this in mind some modern visionaries started Generation Alpha Ventures: A UK-based company developing and investing in companies, projects and technologies towards “Upgrading Humanity”.

MILK Branding Professionals developed the visual identity system for Generation Alpha Ventures and Alpha Labs, a network of “Creators” hangout places where young people can unleash the Creator within with the help of exponential technologies, including robotics, 3D printing, VR, Coding, Media and more.