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Viovaf Ltd was founded in 1979, continuing the tradition of the family business since the 1920s. The company is now held by the third generation and produces premium wafer and ice cream sugar cones and ice cream related products.

The company came to MILK to create a new strong brand to build upon its legacy and knowledge on wafer making. We came with the name Biscode, to highlight the expertise, the century-old experience and the vision upon which everything is built: blending tradition with vision and the best ingredients.  

“Wafer at its best” is a message and tagline that sums up the brand personality and the elegant, premium packaging we designed underline the forward thinking of the brand, the quality from A to Z, the expertise in authentic, owned recipes and the company’s orientation towards worldwide markets.

Our strategy positioned the brand as one that offers unparalleled quality options to consumers on-the-go or at home, for every occasion and time of day, for a fulfilling and tastefully rich experience.


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