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An invitation to Unlearn

SingularityU Greece Event Branding


SingularityU Greece


Identity Design


Environmental Design

UI UX Design

Singularity Group is a benefit organization that started out as Signularity University in 2008, offering annual programs that aimed to show individuals how to use technology to tackle global challenges.

Founded by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis, the organization brings together leaders from around the world to talk about and showcase technologies that could shift humanity and empower people to improve their lives.

SingularityU Greece run the first event of SingularityU that took place virtually in 2020, under the name UNLEARN, as the event focused on exponential technologies and the ever-changing reality that still offers numerous possibilities – how we are asked to ‘forget’ what we know up until now and reprogram ourselves for the new era.  

We designed every part of the visual communication of the event – the identity, the house style, print and digital communication (newspaper and social media), the animations and the User Interface of the live event platform.  

As Niki Siropoulou, CEO of SingularityU Greece said “2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges. At SingularityU Greece, the circumstances of the pandemic challenged us to disrupt our conference delivery system; an experiment in unlearning and disrupting ourselves. We were pleased to discover that our mixed reality event managed to surpass the expectations in all levels. This was a bet we all won together.”


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