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Conceived in timeless Astypalea

8 Mills Microbrewery


8 Mills Microbrewery


Visual Identity

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Born in the Greek island of Astypalea, which is nestled amidst the heart of the Aegean, 8 Mills beer offers a taste that transcends generations and offers an exquisite experience.

The island’s eight mills stand as an iconic trademark and a cherished meeting point for both locals and visitors. The people of Astypalea have been grinding their crops at these monumental mills for centuries, keeping tradition and history alive. 

For the label design, the choice was clear and challenging at the same time – it had to reflect the brewery’s origin, and yet state its craftsmanship and its modern, unique character that honors the place and its heritage. 

The design concept is based on the traditional mill that has eight wings, which smoothly corresponds to the brewery’s name. The wings are actually wheat, something that masterfully links all information to the story of Astypalea’s 8 mills and highlights any beer’s main ingredient: cereal grain.

With a label that tells the timeless story of endurance and inspiration, paying a homage to the ever-evolving nature of the deep blue sea that surrounds Astypalea, 8 Mills beer is an invitation to imagine the possibilities against the backdrop of the open horizon.


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