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Unique gin, made with Greek charm

Grace Gin New Brand Development & Packaging


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Three women with an outstanding knowledge of drinks and Greek botanicals, set a target to create a premium gin with the essence of Greece, from the mountains to the sea. 

For the branding of this amazing partnership of three dynamic women, we revisited the Greek mythology. The Three Graces, the goddesses of charm, beauty and creativity, symbolize nature and fertility and provide the perfect parallelism.

After more than a year of extensive research, experimentation, trials in botanicals and techniques, distinctive Greek botanicals have been selected, such as Kritamos (Rock Samphire), Schinos, Myrtle Leaves and Orange Blossom, to create a wonderful bouquet of aromas and tastes. According to gin connoisseurs, the new product should be among the finest premium gins available in the global market.

We developed two identities: Three Graces Distilling and Grace Gin, for the corporate and the consumer brand respectively. For the packaging, we developed a design that made the Grace Gin’s bottle just as good as its content.

Grace Gin is a unique gin, full of the flavors of Greece and produced in small batches that use traditional distillation processes and techniques of the finest perfume houses.

Three months after its launch, Grace Gin had already transcended the Greek borders, being exported in various countries around the world.


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