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Illuminating transactions

Alpha Bank ATMs Redesign


Alpha Bank


Structural Design

Environmental Design

Visual Identity

Nowadays, most of our transactions with banks take place either online or by visiting an ATM. Being aware of this, Alpha Bank prioritized the need to revisit the image of its ATMs so that they would easily stand out and be the point of reference for both the existing, native customers and for foreigners and visitors from abroad.

The task at hand was to redesign the ATMs (mostly the off-site ones) and give them more character, visibility and clarity, with an easily distinguishable design.

As blue is the brand's main color, it has been generously applied on the designs. The white stripe that runs the ATM vertically makes it unique and characteristic. The best part of all, though, is that the stripe is also illuminated, which makes the ATM even more distinctive and the service a million times better, since it also provides customers with a much-needed light when making a transaction.

When approaching from the side, the large signage helps all customers recognize the spot and set a clear course towards it. 

The new design has been applied to various ATM construction categories: group of ATMs and single ATMs (set at remote spots), through-the-wall ATMs (set at shops) and on-site ATMs, set indoors (companies, malls, etc).

We are happy to have collaborated with the ingenious team of Ingenno Design for this project.


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