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Savour Greece's genuine flavors

Votanikon Gin New Brand Development


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When this project came into our hands, we knew it had to be special, just like our country's unique natural environment, which is the inspiration of this premium everyday gin. 

Knowing that every Votanikon bottle carries all the goodness of Greece's flora, as it is made of 20 of the most celebrated Greek herbs, we had to build the brand based on the country's inspirational scenery: the light, the sea and the sky, the rocky landscapes, the shadows and the contrasts.

The tagline “Gin from the ground up” distills and sums up the overall Votanikon brand proposition, its aromatic profile, its authenticity, its deep connection with the greek lands.

We have developed a key visual element, the Votanikon tree, a linocut illustration of the Greek herbs coming from the ground up. The VN icon works as a logo shortcut and the brand colors are in line with the natural scenery.

For the visual communication, we have created applications for the brand's various touchpoints: ads, posters, promo banners, boxes, promo stands, sous verres, printed material.

Votanikon's unpretentious, down-to-earth, confident and reassuring character is addressed to everyone that initiates and cherishes authentic, true moments of joy and freedom. Everyday. Cheers!


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