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Design sculpts a precious material

Iktinos Marmaron Identity Development


Iktinos Marmaron


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Iktinos Hellas, a pioneer in the field of marble, and Spiros Soulis, a prominent architect, joined forces to change the way we look at this precious material and promote Greece’s heritage as its place of origin.

The awe of this unique product of nature, the knowledge about how it behaves when crafted and the top-quality contemporary design have acted as our tools to building this new brand.

We created various pieces of brand literature and a modular packaging system (our gratitude to OR DESIGN for their great contribution in the structural design of the system) that can accommodate each and every design object of the firm’s extended collection.

A full brand identity has been developed for Iktinos Marmaron: the logo, the house style and the main taglines. Also, the brand's showroom architecture has been studied -fascia, windows, interiors- in order for the identity to be applied.

Our main effort was to glorify the marble as a material and Soulis' fabulous designs, without overshadowing any of their attributes. 

The philosophy of the design is inspired both by the natural properties of the material, such as resilience and plasticity, and by the authentic values sculpted by Hellenism: measure, reason, simplicity.


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