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When Yellow Groove, a music production studio that enables brand harmonization, came to us for the development of its corporate identity, our team was delighted.

Brand harmonization is about helping brands build an experience that matches the rest of the brand’s offering through sound. This means sound design, jingles, background sound, audio branding, sound study of public places and all there is in terms of a complete audio brand experience. 

For such an inspiring project, we used bold design that creates a stirring atmosphere and a groovy vibe, perfectly paired to the experience one has at a music event, or simply reproducing the effect that music has upon all of us: touching, stimulating, thrilling.

The large font that stretches across the corporate materials and the smooth, shifting and atmospheric background design and imagery highlights Yellow Groove’s character as a brand that is absolutely in tune with modern music aesthetics.

Completely harmonized with its name, the brand design is groovy, yellow and expressive of its ever-moving state, ready to offer services that really strike a chord.


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