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Bombardier Investor Day Event Branding




Logo Design


Environmental Design

Bombardier is the world’s leading manufacturer in the aviation and rail industry, setting new standards in products and services of world-class transportation experiences. In 2017, the annual Investor Day took place in New York and we developed the logo and the event's identity.

The logo that has been designed is color coded and represents the four divisions of the company in aviation and rail. It is inspired by the outline, faces and tails of airplanes and trains, exuding the feeling of motion and movement, resembling the core of the brand's character.

The design dressed the event's environment in a minimal and powerful way, supporting a clear brand presence and its four divisions.

Along with the environmental design, we also prepared the event's catalogues, the brand literature and various accessories, for a unified, functional and fully branded result of top aesthetics.

Some photography featured is courtesy of Bombardier


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