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Rebranding a legacy

Achaia Clauss Brand Development


Achaia Clauss


Visual Identity

Packaging Design

In 1861, the Bavarian Gustav Clauss founded Achaia Clauss, the oldest winery in Greece. In the northern Peloponnese rests the Winecastle, a winery and residential complex of towers of the mid-19th century first oenological community.

“Mavrodaphne” is the brand's flagship wine, made from black grapes found solely in the northern Peloponnese. 

Our job was to highlight the heritage and promote the evolution of this amazing brand, encompassing its historical elements. That's how we defined purple as the new Achaia Clauss primary color, to portray the company's long heritage and high prestige.

The logo we crafted brings together all crucial visual elements of the brand - the AWP initials, the Winecastle, the crest and the year of establishment.

A detailed corporate housestyle has been developed, including the brand's important design assets. We created the guidelines for the effective application of the new brand identity on all key touchpoints, including corporate communications materials and packaging.

Our goal has been clear since the beginning of this project: to make sure that Achaia Clauss legacy can live on, aspired by the brand's first visionary, Gustav Clauss.


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