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Ion Wafers Identity & Packaging




Packaging Design

ION is a famous chocolate manufacturer with a presence of more than 85 years. The brand has been gifting many generations with sweet, pleasant and memorable moments and marks our daily lives with warmth and high quality products.

The brand's new wafer line follows this pattern of omnipresent deliciousness: light, tasty, on-the-go snacks that fill every moment with cocoa cream and high nutritional value.

The typography on the logo is designed to reflect the wafers' crunchiness on each bite. The basic ingredient, cocoa, is accompanied by two wheat cobs, to state the priority given in quality. The wafer and cocoa cream visual complements the indulging feeling and the rich flavor of the wafers.

We chose stand-out colors and used color blocking to attract attention on the shelf and to indicate the light and fresh character of the products.

The colors also showcase the wafers' flavor. Color red is given to the basic product of the ION Wafer line, while the yellow color is given to the one that is made of whole wheat wafer and is an excellent choice for anyone that prefers fiber. For a wafer with no added sugar, made with natural sweeteners of the stevia plant, we chose the color green.

Along with the branding and packaging, we also designed the promotional material for the new ION Wafer product line.

Adding to their quality, all three products are color-free, GMO-free and preservative-free, which makes them an absolute hit for anyone that seeks a sweet snack of high standards.


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