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Fitness chips Brand Development




Packaging Design

Nestlé came to us with the goal to respond to a market trend for healthy snacking, to enrich the family of Nestlé Fitness and to strengthen the segment of salty healthy snack cereals of the brand. 

The new image of the healthy snack series had to be consistent with the brand, to highlight the taste and benefits and to achieve balance between enjoyable and healthy. 

We created a promising line of savory healthy cereal snacks in 2 flavors, Sweet Chili and Sea Salt. Through the design, an ideal image was produced for a range that communicates its healthiness in snacking, with a delicious taste and ideal for all hours of the day. 

Placing the chip as the hero, we maintained the clear and tasteful character of the Fitness brand and introduced it into a category that is associated with less healthy options. The strategic use of visual elements (whole grains, oats, coke corn) highlight the naturalness and quality of pure ingredients.

As architecture and prioritization of information plays an important role in packaging, we placed all the elements in such a way that the label can be read based on the priorities of the consumer and can easily be found - a Vegan product, etc.

The typography used respects the rules of the brand identity, while all accompanying icons (top view of ingredients such as salt, corn, oats) reinforce the naturalness of the range, but also enhance the yumminess effect.


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