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Buondi craft by Nestlé is a renowned brand for its exceptional coffee quality and unparalleled flavor. Its worldwide influence sets it apart as a coveted and preferred choice among coffee afficionados.

When the need came up to upgrade the Buondi coffee experience, we designed a new identity with all core target audiences in mind - consumers, businesses, and coffee professionals. Our key visuals, tone of voice, and flexible verbal identity position Buondi as the ultimate mentor and top coffee expert.

As we developed the Brandbook, a vibrant world came to life through an array of assets: visual elements inspired by the logo, pictograms, maps, infographics, photography specs, colors, and textures. A world akin to the lush tropical vegetation where Buondi coffee beans are harvested with care.

‘From plant to cup’, the coffee journey, is designed as a set of illustrations that exhibit the brand’s care and expertise during the whole process, right until an aromatic Buondi Craft coffee cup reaches our hands.

Special thanks to George Probonas for the ‘plant to cup’ illustrations.


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