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Textiles that become loving heirlooms

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Christiana Vardakou


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Christiana Vardakou threads her way through the world to select the finest nature’s dye plants to weave her magic textiles with, following natural processes. 

Designed to become loving lifetime heirlooms, the textiles are inspired by various cultures and Christiana’s personal travels and are naturally hand-dyed, combining traditional and modern methods, high aesthetics and artistic flair. 

The high quality, luxurious homeware textiles and loungewear products are individually designed and naturally handcrafted with love and care, respecting our skin and the environment and promoting conscious consumption and slow-fashion.  

The passion for naturalness and the hand-crafting skill, along with the colors, the unspoiled beauty and the originality that Christiana herself envisions, lead us to the design that encompasses all these values - a warm, nature-driven, fresh and inspiring brand. 

The tagline 'Handcrafted Textiles, Naturally kind and gifted' acts as a summary of the creator's vision and the caring, sharing character of the brand. 

The meticulous craftsmanship point to the very core of the Christiana Vardakou brand: each product is made by hand, in a very detailed, high quality manner. 

The positioning is an orchestrated assembly of colors, of nature-oriented design and the art of creating loving, lifetime products.


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