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Gaia Wines


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We had always been fans of Gaia, both for producing some of Greece’s finest new wines and for always been very fastidious about their branding. Needless to say how excited we felt when the two founders, Yiannis Paraskevopoulos and Leon Karatsalos, came to us for the branding or the redesign of some of their most important labels.

Gaia Wines was founded in 1994 aiming to present the potential of the indigenous Greek grape varieties in the wine enthusiasts worldwide. Having a lot of knowledge and passion for wine and two modern wineries in two of the most interesting P.D.O. areas of Greece, Nemea in Peloponnese and Santorini, they were in a perfect position to fullfil that vision. Nowadays, Gaia's wines can be found all over the world, earning top distinctions in prestigious wine festivals and enjoying excellent reviews by some of the most renowned wine critics.

Through the years, we have created for Gaia the Monograph brand, we have redesigned the labels for Notios wines, one of their best-selling ranges, we have created a new identity for 14-17h, their superb dry rosé, and we have given identity to two precious products, the rare Vinsanto and Ritinitis Nobilis, a "new wave" style Retsina that redefines and repositions the quality context of Greece's traditional wine. Additionaly, we designed the company's website to help the international wine enthusiast travel and discover Gaia's amazing people, qualities, wineries and wines.


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