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Celebrating 100 years of true moments

Loumidis Collectible Design




Packaging Design

At MILK, we were very happy to undertake the design of the anniversary packaging of the Loumidis beloved brand, to celebrate 100 years of its presence in the Greek market.

Facing the new demand as a special challenge, we, along with Faze Design Studio, took a look back at the brand's past. We studied all the communication material with the aim of identifying every possible source of inspiration from the rich history of the brand that is so beloved by the Greeks.

The aim was, through the design of the collectible packaging, to actually glorify the Loumidis packaging itself. The classic packaging and image that the Greek consumer has - the one that encloses the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee, awakens unique memories and creates new ones. Its dominant and characteristic element is the famous parrot placed on the very familiar green background.

The challenge was to achieve the necessary balance in order to create a collectible package, one that appeals to everyone - both the consumer that is familiar with the brand and a new one, who would be overall attracted by the unique, retro character of the anniversary packaging.

So, we brought the old packaging to 2019, with all designs borrowing visual codes, typographic elements, design lines and frames from the past, along with the values of the brand: passion, the concept of love and care, hospitality, humanity, simplicity, truth.

Some photography featured is courtesy of MATH studio

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