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La Meat Maison


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A team of passionate connoisseurs committed to high-quality meat and wine came together to make La Meat Maison, a home of real taste for enthusiasts of excellence and explorers of amazing product portfolios from around the world.

At MILK, we designed the brand around the uniqueness and values it is built upon, which is bringing real taste to Greece form every corner of the world, as it connects artisanal farms with clientele that cares deeply about good food.

The logo uses a geometric typeface that conveys heritage with a contemporary twist, while its cuts, the arched descriptor and spiked apexes all denote the authenticity, the rich product lines, the solid and concise character of the brand.

Accordingly, the logo modules are built around a grid that’s based on a virtual circle, representing a seal of quality and credibility, as is the core base of the brand which reflects on the products and services it offers – stores, restaurants, wholesale.

Except for the visual identity (along with packaging, in-store communication, the restaurant identity, etc), we also developed the communication, messaging and voice of the brand, which sets the tone and conveys the mentality of its people – straightforward, breezy, cool experts, meat knights, quality sorcerers.

Some photography featured is courtesy of La Meat Maison

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