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Mr Evangelos Mytilinaios, an entrepreneur and winemaker of Samian origin, along with Mr Yannis Kostakis, a third generation viticulturist and wine producer, were determined to restore the glory of the Samian wine.

The Mytilinaios family’s predecessors, named Nopera, were merchants of Samian wine in Malta. In the middle of the 19th century, the Nopera family left Malta and moved to Samos to produce a high quality, sweet Samian wine of the white muscat variety, that they exported in famous customers.

With such history and legacy, we named the new brand Nopera and designed the “Muscat at its finest” to be the ideal tagline for a brand that envisions to offer the international winelover with some of the best muscat propositions available.

The crest highlights the brand’s heritage and the labels, along with the bottles, blend tradition with modernity and minimalism with vintage elements.

Heritage, premiumness, finesse are present at every touchpoint.

Accordingly, we supported Radial in telling the exciting Nopera story through a new website.

Nopera precious limited production wines are available in some of the most prestigious restaurants and wine bars around the globe. Cheers!

Some photography featured is courtesy of  Nopera.

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