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Stergiou Family Identity Redesign


Stergiou Family


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Starting with the forefather Mr Stergiou delivering fresh delicacies in Athens city center in 1958, Stergiou Family is now one of the most successful brands in the Greek food industry, known for its sweet and savory freshly-baked products of high quality and daily distribution.

For the identity redesign, we brought back the white color, with which the brand has made itself known at the first place. It stands as a symbol of purity, honesty and freshness; values the company lives by. Leaving intense colors behind, packaging now creates a block on the shelf that eliminates disorder and confusion. 

The inspiration behind the multi-layered effect of the packaging comes from the baking paper and the way it is wrapped around freshly-made delicacies, which bakers have been using for decades.

Transparency is used so that consumers know they are choosing truly fresh quality products. The goal was to make each product look less industrial and standardized.

The logo was redesigned and depicts a dough. A simple, direct, clear and modern logo, carrying the philosophy and artistry of the company, which has been ‘kneading’ its beliefs with patience and perseverance. 

With a clear brand name and logo, distinct elements, structured identity system and an image that reflects its positioning, the brand stays true to its core and holds the first place in consumers’ choice.


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