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Better air. At home.

Kullhaus Brand Development


Sani Hellas


Purpose & Positioning


Visual Identity


Brand Guidelines

Our task was to develop a compelling brand for a company that produces air treatment appliances of superb quality, high technology and fine aesthetics for the mass market.

We built the new brand around the promise of wellbeing and healthy environment at home, a brand that is also defined by fine aesthetics and minimal designs. During the procedure we came to the “Better Air” territory, a phrase which we used later as the new brand’s tagline.

Accordingly, we developed the name, the brand architecture, the visual identity and the nomenclature system for the naming of Kullhaus' products. For the naming study we employed our methodology that ensures the creation of brand names that stand out of the pack, are in line with the brand promise and have all the necessary qualities of an effective brand name. We also took into account trademark registration and domain name issues. 

The visual identity combines technology and nature to impactfully express the brand's claims, while reassuring the consumer of the product's guaranteed quality.


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