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MAT Fashion


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Since 1987, MAT Fashion has been the leading plus-size brand in Greece. With rapid development, the company now exports worldwide and has formed successful collaborations with major global retail chains and fashion houses.

Having established itself as the ambassador for inclusivity and body positivity throughout the years, it was only natural for the brand to take the next step and trailblaze the way towards a confident, elegant and empowered lifestyle.

Seizing the momentum, we took a whole new look at the brand, redesigning its identity from the ground up. Starting with the logo revamp and moving through the entire customer experience, we created an upscale, vibrant world around the tagline “charismatic life” that encompasses the essence of living in a luxurious, yet truly freeing way.

Refreshed and iconic, the fashion brand remains true to its values, and through each encounter with consumers (clothing labels, bags, interior signage, e-shop, etc) it inspires and finds its way to the hearts of style lovers around the globe.


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