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A Fine House S.A is a one of a kind CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) dedicated to producing added value high potent and oncological products in oral liquid dosage forms, serving EU, UK and the US market. The brand’s vision is to build strong collaborations with demanding and creative pharmaceutical companies by providing services and clinical development, manufacturing, formulation development, commercialization, etc., with the ultimate purpose to help doctors and patient overcome difficulties.

We were called to develop an identity for a special brand, that brings together a highly experienced team of experts in a state-of-the-art facility. This enabled us to create a unique and bold identity that highlights the innovative spirit and scientific character of the brand.

In collaboration with the team, we came to the name A Fine House, while the logo depicts the "f" found in the field of science and mathematics. The encircled "f" and H is a symbol of a laboratory’s microscope.  

The colors of the identity are bold and forward-looking, as is clearly the brand’s character and vision. The abstract bold lines are inspired by the microorganisms as they are seen through a microscope with their shape and colors.

Some photography featured is courtesy of A Fine House

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