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Nescafé Collectible Packaging




Packaging Design

Nescafé, a brand related with moments of being joyful, carefree and relaxed, asked us to create the Collectible 80-years-anniversary packaging, a project we delivered in collaboration with Faze Design Studio.

Our approach was based on 2 pillars: the history of the brand and today. Wanting to give the design a nostalgic/retro character, a thorough study, analysis and gathering of material from the 80 years of Nescafé's presence in Greece was carried out. For the second pillar, we analyzed Nescafé and its consumer. The brand is moments of enjoyment, relaxation, coolness, carefreeness and ease of preparation. These were the elements that, together with Faze Design Studio, we captured on our packaging.

Using colors and elements of a Greek beach, we created a complete image of relaxation and enjoyment, as each of us would like to enjoy in the company of an iced Nescafé. The figures and all the supplementary elements were made in simple lines and colors in complementary tones, to highlight a more modern approach.

The design goal was to create a pleasant image, characterized by a nostalgic and ‘grown-up’ style, able to evoke feelings of cheerfulness, just like a relaxed, unforgettable summer.


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