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Ever since the first pharmacy in 1973 and through the openings of two more stores, the Sakopoulos family has been loyal to its core principle: to serve customers with highest respect and genuine care. When the time came to launch an online pharmacy, the new family member, soon grew to be the market leader.

Yet there was a challenge. The expertise and familiarity that in-store clientele was accustomed to, had to somehow find their way to the online customers.

When engaged in 2021, we designed a new, omni-experiential branding that merges the online presence and the physical stores.

The new identity employs a pool of colors and forms that shapeshift to create a vibrant world, expressing specialization and customization. The tagline, that’s liberally translated as ‘what’s closest to me’, brings all touchpoints under 3 overarching values: proximity, familiarity and genuine care.

Details such as the redesigned cross that, in its airiness, accomodates both pharmaceuticals and wellness merchandise, and the colour coding that extends to the stores’ interiors, enhance the experience.

In all, we helped create a vivid brand, set apart from rock bottom price retailers, that attracts an audience seeking a premium service at a price that’s still competitive.

The new house style is applied on the retail chain, with Glyfada's store taking the lead, in collaboration with SimonA Interior Design team.


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