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Every day counts

Lidl New Brand Statement




Brand Narrative


We created "Every Day Counts" back in 2014 to signify Lidl's repositioning from a hard discounter to a trustworthy player in the mainstream supermarkets’ category. Since then, it has become one of the most successful and longest standing taglines in the Greek retail world.

Distilling Lidl's DNA into a new brand statement had been a very delicate task. We had to continue to highlight Lidl's low prices, but in a period when all mainstream supermarkets had been promoting hard discounts. So, we had to add values that would help the brand to stand out from the competition and underline its real reason of existence.

We identified that the elements that made the brand really unique were its excellent good value for money offering, the daily and weekly offers, the various goods coming from all over the world, the special seasonal events and promotions and its various private label brands, including the "Deluxe" delicatessen range.

With all these opportunities for pleasure and happiness, we suggested that in whatever times, Lidl should be the brand that makes such pleasures accessible to everyone - this is how "Every day counts" was born. The success of this tagline has made it not only one of the longest standing taglines in the Greek retail market, but also a title of a Lidl-supported TV show and part of Lidl's celebrations for the brand's 20 years in the Greek market.


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