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The beer-loving goats of Folegandros

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Folegandros Microbrewery


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When you need to feel the vibes of the unique island of Folegandros, enjoy the taste of a local beer; enjoy a Katsika!

Folegandros Microbrewery is a craft beer maker, headquartered at the Aegean island of Folegandros. The creators wanted the brand to reflect both the quality of their beer and its roots and they have come up with a name for their first beer: katsika, which means 'goat' in Greek. 

The beers are full of taste and aroma, crafted in the Aegean waters and bottled with lots of the island's character. 

From the logo to the bottle cap to the beer label, we wanted this beer to fully embody its place of birth, its origin. We drew our inspiration from the amazing colors, the culture, the landscape, the landmarks and the nature of the island of Folegandros. Cheers!


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