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Bombardier Safety Standdown Brand Identity




Visual Identity

Environmental Design

Safety Standdown is an initiative that Bombardier conceptualised in 1996 to promote knowledge-based pilot safety and professionalism through high end workshops and trainings.

The annual events are open to everyone in the aviation industry; partners, clients and competitors alike, all take part in them consistently.

In 2017 we were commissioned to redesign the branding of these events; an atypical case of branding as the host’s brand presence should not overwhelm the underlaying purpose, safety itself.

The solution we came up with suggests aviation expertise and subject matter authority, while subtly hinting to the Bombardier look and feel through colours, brand elements and the overall flair.

Since then we’ve been designing annually the thematic logos and the special collateral such as invites, posters, pins, etc.

The design objective was to bring out Bombardier’s authority in safety while creating a positive vibe for participants.


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