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An homage to nature’s perfection

Gaia Ammonite Branding


Gaia Wines


Visual Identity

Packaging Design

Founded in 1994, Gaia Wines draws inspiration from the spirit of adventure and new experiences. This ethos is infused into their wines, reaching wine lovers worldwide.

The Ammonite label, introduced in 2022, is named after a 60-million-year-old ammonite fossil, symbolizing the golden spiral and the Fibonacci sequence. This design reflects nature's perfect balance, seen in everything from galaxies to nautilus shells.

Crafted from Santorini’s rare, century-old Assyrtiko vineyard, Ammonite stands out with its bold, clear lines and homage to the golden ratio. It topped the list of 50 Great Greek Wines in 2022.

In 2024, Gaia launched Optimus, a companion red wine, with a label inspired by the same concept, continuing Gaia's tradition of excellence and innovation.


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