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Space becomes place

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Asset office interiors has been leading the Greek market since 1998. The company collaborates with distinguished European design brands and creates unique, tailored professional solutions that can redefine how people experience work environments.

The identity we helped shape for Asset is one that distills the brand's values; furniture that employs design to bring people first and equipment that brings out the best in tomorrow's leaders.

Flexibility was the operative word when coming up with this brand identity. Just as the furniture units work together to compose endless configurations, we designed identity devices to interlock perfectly and continuously create fresh messaging tools.

The color palette consists of carefully curated pastel hues that, when combined, create surprising themes, conveying the current communication need and mood.

The verbal identity incorporates tailored messaging that acknowledges the diverse audiences -enterprises, organizations, architects, design offices, construction companies - and adapts to accommodate them.

The tagline ‘space becomes place’ denotes Asset's superpower, to transform any office space into a spot where one feels like home: comfortable to collaborate, to grow, and to succeed. A familiar place where creativity thrives.

The showroom stylishness was captured by the lens of Louisa Nikolaidou

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