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Natural Doctor


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Natural Doctor is a brand of nutritional supplements, which are specially designed by clinical experts according to the latest scientific discoveries. They follow a Bioptimal philosophy, meaning they are designed to be whole as formulas, with multiple nutrients, in the right quantity and of the right quality, that can fully support daily needs. 

We undertook the overall branding, the study and strategic positioning of the brand in the market, as well as the redesign of the visual identity and packaging. The tag architecture prioritizes information, while each code has its own color. All of them together compose a rich color palette, successfully communicating the vibrancy, dynamism and "purity" of the brand. We also analyzed and transformed the company's values into a powerful brand narrative, with the tagline “The Complete Vitamins”, along with a whole new brand world.

In terms of design, the "Compass Flower" was chosen as the brand's new symbol, which refers to vitality, energy and life, while resembling a friendlier, more rounded medical cross. We wanted the brand to be a synonym of solutions and help, so, we kept the image robust and produced a smooth design, to bring the brand closer to the consumer.


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