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Agrino is once again leading the way with the introduction of Rice Chips, in a wide range of flavors that Agrino is redefining snacking with its latest innovation: Rice & Legumes Chips. Stepping boldly into the savory snack market, Agrino has expanded its portfolio beyond rice cakes to offer a delicious new alternative that aligns with its reputation for high-quality, nutritious ingredients.

This new product range presents a variety of flavors that enhance Agrino's pioneering spirit in the snack industry. Designed to cater to those seeking diverse and wholesome snacking options, these chips are the perfect blend of taste and health.

The challenge was to transition Agrino's brand identity from the rice cakes segment to compete directly with traditional potato chips. This required a strategic overhaul of brand architecture, product naming, and packaging design. Our goal was to ensure that the packaging not only stood out on shelves but also resonated with the existing brand aesthetic while incorporating the vibrant and fun elements typical of snack packaging.

After more than 18 months of extensive market research, consumer testing, and design iterations, we introduced a packaging solution that balances the appeal of traditional chips with the wholesome image of rice and legumes. The result? A range that offers guilt-free indulgence and has quickly become a consumer favorite, affirming Agrino's status as a leader in innovative snacking solutions.

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