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Nirvana Packaging Redesign




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Froneri's Nirvana ice creams were launched into the Greek market in 1996. They quickly became consumers’ favorite with their quality, taste and premium options of unique recipes. 

Taking a brand that shines through its innovation and satisfyingly rich ingredients to the next level has created a challenging task: to balance the brand’s established high profile with its new visual identity and help it maintain its place at the top.

The direction the redesign followed was to simplify the packaging and keep the brand DNA intact. The new image is more clear. The ingredients have grown in size, to make the recipe more distinguishable, and the logo kept its characteristic and familiar blue frame with alterations that simplified it. The background waves create a playful tonality that supports the original Nirvana concept, that of a luscious taste.

The new world of Nirvana focuses on deliciousness. The ingredients that dominate the packaging, the interesting backgrounds that accompany each flavor and the solid and more legible logo make each one of the Nirvana family a must-have for every household. 

The entire range has already introduced itself to the market, recognized and cherished by its fans, with a packaging that stands out from its competition and helps it hold its place as the choice that takes consumers on a journey of bliss.


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