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Your own island

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Santo Maris Oia is a five-star, Luxury Suites & Spa hotel in Oia, Santorini and is part of the Metaxa Hospitality Group. The hotel is a modern and extravagant retreat that reflects the Aegean, Cycladic style and aesthetics and is located at one of the most breathtaking spots in the world.

To capture the brand's majestic and luxurious nature, the exclusivity and highlight its exact location that really provides a private haven to its guests, we created the brand narrative and the tagline that embody all these qualities: "Your Own Island".

A personal island of calm within the almost-always crowded island of Santorini is the main concept that also builds the philosophy of the brand, which has the personal care of its customers at heart.

We created a brand voice that is inspiring and reliable, friendly and confident, personal and respectful, aspirational and dynamic.

Brand development included a corporate house-style of inspiring, modern and luxurious design, with the Aegean flair setting the rhythm.


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