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EuZin KOISPE is a Social Cooperative based on the principles of Social Entrepreneurship, which aims to reintegrate socially vulnerable groups into the labor market, with the vision of a society that provides equal opportunities and protects the professional rights of all citizens.

The Cooperative offers a number of services: a Traditional Social Kitchen chain stores that delivers freshly cooked food, a full Catering service that can support every professional or personal event, a Cleaning Service that undertakes every office cleaning project and ‘Hara’ Canteen, the coffeehouse and leisure area at the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica.

MILK redesigned the Cooperative’s logo and corporate identity by applying the design to each service/section of the Cooperative: kitchen, catering, cleaning, canteen. The identity has been created to incorporate the entrepreneurship and the solidarity that are present in the Cooperative’s character.

EuZin has been given a family of logos, identities and taglines for the Cooperative itself and its services, with applications on print, outdoor, clothing, signage. A dedicated font has also been created – a primary one for taglines and titles, a secondary one for print applications and an alternative for internal communications.

With bright colors, optimistic messaging and an altruistic and society-oriented vision, the brand speaks to people in a joyful tone, calling them to join and support its philosophy.


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