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Better food for a better world

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Social Cooperative Athena Elpis


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Mentaleaty is an inspiring, humanitarian concept which focuses on health. It is an initiative of the social enterprise "Athena-Elpis", which contributes to the rehabilitation of people with psychosocial disorders, offering them the opportunity to work and actively supports their therapeutic journey.

Inspired by the cuisines of China, Philippines, Thailand and Polynesia, the restaurant offers nutritious and delicious food, made of fresh and savoury ingredients that are beneficial for a healthy diet. At the same time, it employs people from sensitive social groups and it offers part of the earnings for the therapy of others. For those reasons we developed the "Better Food for a Better World" and the "Asian Food Therapy" concepts.

Accordingly, the new brand name was invented: Mentality means frame of mind, intellect, brain power, comprehension, sense and imagination. It is the capacity for intelligent thought, the characteristic way of a person's or a group's thinking. In the above meaning, the creators of the restaurant added another notion, "eat", and so the MentalEATy was created.

Finally, we developed the full brand identity system and we applied it in-store and on the various other touchpoints. A project that makes us really happy and proud.


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