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Mastiqua is a sparkling drink made with mastiha, the precious nature's 'tears' that only grow on trees in the Greek island of Chios. 

Mastiqua Lemonada combines the gem-like, mastiha tree tears with a handful of luscious Greek lemons, straight from the orchard. The lemonade mosaic has been created in reference to the motherbrand’s mosaic and is a vital element of the product. The drink is characterized by brightness, sunshine, happiness and the freshness that the daylight brings.

Mastiqua Sour Cherry combines the precious mastiha tree tears with the snappiness of hand-picked sour cherries. The tiles of the mosaic have been rearranged to create a bunch of sour cherries, in purple color, resulting in a very distinctive and recognizable pattern, directly related to the product and in reference to the motherbrand. It is characterized by freshness, nostalgia, vibrancy, a combination of the contemporary and the vintage aesthetics and the warm greek summer moments of freedom and friendship. 

Mastiqua Green Tea is a lusty and heavenly sparkling drink, the fusion of ancient mysticism with mastiha tree tears, boosted with green tea. Again, we have created a dedicated mosaic for this flavor, with the tiles creating a luscious arrangement of leaves. The drink is characterized by naturalness, freshness, the sense of equilibrium and rejuvenation, the detox quality of the green tea and the state of calmness and peace.


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