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Agrino is a Greek company and a lovebrand, specializing in rice and legumes. Since 1955, the brand has been steadily renewing its products, always prioritizing its values and vision of safe, healthy products of Greek origin, high quality and nutritional value.

We helped the brand capitalize its rich heritage in rice and redefine the rice cakes product category. We formed a coherent strategy on brand architecture and identity and designed the full range of rice cakes towers packs, on-the-go packs and chocolate rice cakes.

Each of the savory Agrino Rice Cakes is color-coded, according to its flavor (salted/classic, corn, oregano, cinnamon, 7 grain). The design is eye-catching, boldly colored, with a main visual on the front that is consistent on each packaging: the rice cake is realistically visualized on the top half and broken into its raw, natural materials on the bottom half, with the flavor clearly stated in uppercase font in the middle.

The visual achieves to state the naturalness, freshness and care that each rice cake is created with. On-the-go packs follow a similar design on their packaging, which is more compact and easy to carry. 

The sweet version of the Agrino Rice Cakes includes milk chocolate and dark chocolate rice cakes, in color coded packaging and large key visuals.

Agrino Rice Cakes have made a huge and successful launch and continue delivering the brand's purpose and setting new standards in the rice cake category.


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